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let die

baby you had a bad day at work 

I’d be listening to all your pain and struggles

you don’t need no pills no more

you came to and you went away 

from my 100 square ft apartment in the city 

your stories remained in my brain

the pain is in my bed 

my truth is what you didn’t take

It wasn’t us who lived

let me live and let die

reflection of your tie in the mirror 



burn it 

pour it in the air 

let die, let the wings fly 


Mistake’s been made

Dec 27, 2017

” It was a tiny mistake that I made today

Bet the clouds could have illusions anyway
I’m still not very sure what this moment means but hey
Why don’t we explore and stop wondering instead? 
I can be conventionally wild.
Throughout my short 24 years of living conventionally wild,
I’ve made mistakes and I become a convict of my self-loath.
I’ve given love, and I’ve broken a heart.
I was lost
But piece by piece, I’m found.


Jan 1, 2018
” I tried to write
I spent my time standing still in the low tide
Waited to be inspired
To search for the meaning of life
Boredom is extracts from guilt
The intense need to be fulfilled
I look around
Trying to pour my blood and health over that low scale pothole of yours
The lie of it all is that we don’t want to see things exactly as they happen
We’re introduced to be unique
But somehow it got twisted
It became the fear of the one who uses the same silk
The one who says the same slang
The one who stops you from feeling unique
We try to be fulfilled
Engage with whatever is painted on the wall
Epiphany slapped me on the face
I just wanted to thrive
But then you were here all along
We do not need to hide
Just accept it and rewind. “

Why do I always need inspiration to feel alive?

Hours and hours of listening to speeches on Ted, interviews on Podcasts, couples bickering on their couples therapy sessions, reading books, discovering new music.

Only when i’m not sleeping, or sometimes when i’m asleep, and i forget to set a timer,

it’d just go on till the next morning.

Nonstop voices in my head even if i wasn’t listening to them carefully, I felt like i was absorbing the information it has to offer.

I loath the feeling of being lost & alone, in a sense of knowing that you’re not moving forward, but everyone else is. That is probably the loneliest feeling to me.

Being in a city, where everyone is trying to figure out life and every once in a while they gather and share. It’s temporary but it’s a beautiful exchange between strangers.

Oct 2018,

It’s an awful beautiful little coincident

That I came to a town full of lousy friends

Holding hands and
Walking towards the condescending range
Is there a ticket to the show?
I want to know
If I could play a role
If we could be lovers
Laugh and cry without being slightly offensive
To anyone to anything
My heart is tolerant
You, her, him, and them 
And yes, 
I could be the interlocutor
Take over the spotlight
I’ll be the star
By the time you know it
we’re all rockstars
Jump on the stage just release your soul
Underneath the mask
Tear down the control
We became the major cost
Of the insecurities that we own
The liabilities on our properties
To this society, is what we owe
I created this insanity
maybe it’s just a version of me whom I loath
Sometimes it gets painful
But it feels real.

Parallel connection

Jan 2, 2018

Feelings are meant to be felt, I can feel it

All the time.

As I grew older, things around me got more sophisticated

But the feelings always transcribe deep down in my heart.

I know you probably don’t see it because I’m not so transparent anymore.

Funny thing is that some people thought that I’m too transparent about my life.

And they make assumptions about the way I see things.

But luckily, with some very special people

You share the connection: You don’t say a word, but you share the universe in a very unique way. 

share with the world about your parallel connections.

Life in Pieces

This is my very first published work.

As a non-immigrant Asian (Taiwanese) girl who spent half of her life wondering wether it was the best choice to doubt the educational system in where she was born and raised; when I turned 18, I decided to go to America to continue my college education and to expend my excessive creativity.

To envision a life that has been there for me to unlock.

I spent 2 years in Seattle Central Community College, where I met so many people from all over the world. I’ve had the chance to meet people from different backgrounds; rich, poor, smart? or I’d say they figured shit out ahead of some people.

anywho, boohoo boo


May 26, 2014

It’s difficult being a young adult,

Obstacles and disappointments

will come challenge us over and over.

But we gotta remind ourselves that

Love is Everywhere.

Now I finally understood why we need to love ourselves more than anything else.

There’s no real equality in this society

Something we just gotta learn

Earn respect

and just try to make everything around you a little bit better by sending love

In your own way.

Remember the discipline that you built.